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Skin Rejuvenation
Intense Pulsed Light

IPLs & Photo facials are a laser treatment that rebuilds collagen. It’s a monthly treatment that takes about 30mins depending on the area. You will see improved pore size, tightness and decreased fine lines. Because you are causing the body to rebuild collagen the optimal results will be seen at 30-60 days. This is a great alternative to micro needling if your lifestyle does not permit downtime.

Intense Pulse Light is used to treat various skin concerns. Whether it is sun damage, spider veins, broken capillaries or you’re just in need of tighter skin on your face, this treatment can address all these concerns. Depending upon skin type you may not be able to use this laser for your sun damage concerns. But worry not; we have other options to choose from!

Skinsations Keratin Treatment

***Required to send in pictures of potential treatment area before booking to ensure you’re a good candidate for service. Email to before booking. ***